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*NEW* Tucana 3

The new Tucana 3 model has been released !! This is the flagship model with the widest level of functionality and tones of all our models. This new version incorporates some key new features such as the FC-5 foot controller with programmable efx loop asignment and the BiasMon(TM) Bias Monitoring system. Click on the 'Tucana 3' link on the menu bar to get further details.


News - July 2013

New Dealer Announcements

We are very happy to welcome on board two new Dealers.
From the UK, we are delighted that Peach Guitars reached out to us to be a Dealer. Peach are the top Boutique Dealer in the UK. THey have placed an initial order covering all the models.
We are also delighted that

Amplifier Selection Tool

We are starting to put together a series of FAQ's that cover the most common questions we hear from people.

Here is product application sheet that maps each current models with musical genres and playing situations.

Amplifier Selection Tool

New Foot Controllers

The new Foot Controllers are now available as an option for all current 3 channel amps. This simplifies the channel changes to a single one button press per channel, and also communicates everything through a standard 3 Pin XLR mic cable.  THe new controller is extremely high quality and uses a detachable XLR-XLR microphone cable for easy and availabler replacement. 
I am working on an ugrade solution for current players with 5 Pin XLR amps that want to ugrade to the new foot controller. We also have a MIDI interface on the horizon too.
We decided against the front panel controls because the new controller is designed to be an integrated part of the amplifier, rather like a keyboard is to a computer. The use of standard 3pin mic cables allows the player to choose any length of cable they want. 

Triptik Awarded Guitar Player Magazines 'Editors Pick' Award

We are very proud the Triptik 100W won Guitar Player Magazines  'Editors Pick Award' !! in the Jan 2013 Guitar Player Review.

Facebook Me !!!

I know, you hear it all the time and with the increasing number of people on my own personal facebook, I decided to make one specific for Carol-Ann. Feel free to like us.





"Alan's amps have a very unique tone. They are smooth (when called upon),  growly and very articulate. A combination I have never  experienced before. The midrange is very expressive and reminds me a lot of a human voice. I have two and have ordered a third. I buy them because I like them, pretty simple. They can take a lot of punishment. (Run really hard for 2 hours, then loaded into a case and on to the next city, 200 nights a year) I highly recommend these amps for anybody who's into improving their live or studio rig. Plus he is a nice guy.... and not afraid of 100 watts!!! Rare these days! "

Joe Bonamassa

"I used a Carol Ann for most of the lead guitar work on my new project and contacted them to let them know how incredible the amplifier was. I tried endless amounts of amps searching for my tone and this amp is simply built just for how I play.

Dan Spitz - Founder Member of Anthrax

"Bold Clean tones. Creamy, sweet and extremely dynamic overdrive tones. Superb Master Volume Circuit. The OD2 is a bracing experience for anyone who thinks they've seen and heard it all in boutique land"

Guitar Player Magazine - November 2010

"This little brown amp head with an unassuming company name like Carol-Ann has made me a believer. In as long as Iíve played guitar, Iíve never been so taken off guard by the way an amp sounded or felt, especially considering how many Iíve played. "

Premier Guitar - Oct 2008 - Review of OD2r

I'd like to welcome you to our website. My name is Alan Phillips and I am the owner of Carol-Ann Custom Amplifiers, LLC. a full time, full service custom boutique tube amplifier builder located in Pelham, NH, USA.

Our all hand built PTP amplifiers are made using the finest materials and components available. In a relatively short period of time these amplifiers have been discovered and are used by some of the most discerning and respected guitar players on the planet.

Each amplifier is built with passion with the end goal always being consistently stunning tone and the utmost reliability.

All our amplifiers are assembled and tested personally by me in a  dedicated  facility as well being play tested in a live band environment before being shipped to the  Dealer.

For all product sales and product enquiries please contact one of the Dealers located on the the right.

Email: info@carolannamps.com

Tel:   1-978-967-4735

302 Old Gage Hill Road, Pelham, NH, 03076

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